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Traditional Sami costume

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Nils Gustav Labba

Bread baked on embers in the hut

Sami food
Traditional Sami food is all natural, it is usually hunted or collected from the woods. The food is often salted, dried or smoked since these methods were used to store food for the winter.
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Man Yoiking on stage. Photo: Sami Information Centre.

Handed down tradition
It is often said that yoiking is one of the oldest forms of music in Europe.
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Frusen renskötare på skoter. Foto: Marie-Luise Niia.

Northern Sami kolt
Northern Sami kolt introduction
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Art with bright colors. Photo: Sami information Centre.

Sami pictorial art
Constantly finding new paths.
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A Sami artist in multiple genres
For a long time, Nils Aslak Valkeapää, or Áilluhas as he was known, was the most prominent figure in Sami culture.
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