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Sápmi's history
Hunting and fishing
The siida system
Mining for silver
Forcible displacement

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Globeflower with mountains in the background. Photo: Tor Lundberg.

Consequences of the dissolution of the union
When the dissolution of the union was completed, the Sami living in these two countries were faced with major problems. In northernmost Sweden, the Sami had moved with their reindeer herds to the Norwegian coast and islands every spring for many years.
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Per Utsi on Akkajaure beach. Photo: Ajtte Mountain and Sami Museum.

The Lappmark colony
Despite taxation and the strong advance of the Church, the Swedish state could not be sure that the land in the north really belonged to them.
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Akka viewed from Padjelanta. Photo: Carl-Johan Utsi.

Riches in the north
The exploitation of Sápmi's ore finds began in the 17th century.
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Dog in Sarek. Photo: Carl-Johan Utsi.
Largest piece of the cake...
Northern Scandinavia was like a desolate island. It was important for the various countries to come first.
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