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Facts in brief
The Sami in figures
The flag
Who is a Sami?

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The earth viewed from the North Pole.

One people in four countries
Since time immemorial the Sami have lived in an area that now extends across four countries. It comprises the Kola Peninsula in Russia, northernmost Finland, the coastal and inland region of northern Norway and parts of Sweden from Idre northwards. This region is called Sápmi (Samiland). The original Sami area of settlement was even larger, but they have gradually been forced back.
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Depiction of the Sami flag

One flag - one people
The Sami live in four countries, but share the same flag.
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Facts in brief
How many Sami are there? Where do they live?
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Sami children

230,000 reindeer...
...and 20,000 Sami people. How does that work?
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Mother with child. Photo: Sami Information Centre.

What is a Sami?
A definition is specified in the Sami Parliament Act (SFS 1992:1433), and determines who may vote for the Sami Parliament.
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