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Samiskt informationscentrum
The Sami Information Centre is under the control of the Sami Parliament in Sweden.
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Vinnare av Svenska Publishingpriset 2005
Photo: Marie-Luise Niia.

Handed down tradition
[Culture] Traditional Sami yoiking is a way to remember things. Old people often cry when they yoik or hear yoik because it reminds them of their relatives or memories of the past. Yoik is like art, you paint your memories in different sounds. Times change and every time has its own way of living. This makes the difference when it comes to yoik from today and from the past.
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Consequences of the dissolution of the union
[History] When the dissolution of the union was completed, the Sami living in these two countries were faced with major problems. In northernmost Sweden, the Sami had moved with their reindeer herds to the Norwegian coast and islands every spring for many years.
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The Samebys organise the reindeer herders
[Trades] Is it a collection of huts on a mountain? Or is it a village full of Sami?
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Samer som prtotesterar när den fria småviltsjakten infördes. Foto: Hans-Olof Utsi.

The Sami and the state
[Politics] In 1998, the former Minister for Agriculture and Sami Affairs asked for forgiveness for the way the Swedish state had treated the Sami through history.
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Skinbag with pearls. Photo: Sami Information Centre.

Paying tax to several countries at the same time
[History] If you think paying tax to one country is difficult, imagine what it must have been like paying tax to several countries at the same time. If you had been a Sami in the Middle Ages, you may well have faced this situation.
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Sami history in
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A Sami artist in multiple genres

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How do the Sami dress today?
Is Sweden's attitude to Sami rights consistent with international law?
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