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Northern Sami boys
Should you be especially happy that you are a Sami? Photo: Anna-Karin Drugge.
Who is a Sami?

The Sami Parliament Act contains a definition of what a Sami is. In order to join the electoral register for the Sami Parliament, the Act states that Sami must be or have been the language in your home, and/or you must consider yourself to be a Sami.

Before each election to the Sami Parliament, a Sami electoral register is drawn up. The entitlement to be included in the electoral register, and therefore to have voting rights, is held by people who perceive themselves to be Sami and have, or have had, Sami as the language in the home. This entitlement is also available to individuals whose parents or grandparents have or have had Sami as their language in the home, or if you have a parent who is included on the electoral register.

The Sami Parliament Act includes provisions about voting rights and the Sami electoral register.

Sami Parliament Act 1992:1433
Section 1. Initial provisions
§ 2. In this Act, a Sami refers to an individual who considers him/herself to be a Sami and
1. can demonstrate a probability that he/she has or has had Sami as the language in the home, or
2. can demonstrate a probability that one of his/her parents or grandparents has or has had Sami as the language in the home, or
3. has a parent who is or has been included on the electoral register for the Sami Parliament, without this subsequently being decided otherwise by the county administrative board.

Prior to the election to the Sami Parliament in May 2009, 7,800 people were entered on the electoral register.

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... around 300 million people, living in 70 countries, belong to the world's indigenous peoples.

... there are 51 samebys in Sweden, from Idre in the south to Könkäma in the north.

... the Sami Parliament is both a publicly elected body and a state authority.